Piet Hein van de Poel


"Annelie and Piet Hein? Above all thanks to their great common musical interest! In human terms because we came to so many fruitful discussions. So for good reason there is a Annelie de Man Foundation, which I will join with great pleasure! Signed: Piet Hein."


Arnoud Noordegraaf


Arnoud Noordegraaf (NL, 1974) is a composer and director of operas and music theatre. His productions form a class apart within Dutch contemporary music, combining interdisciplinary media in compositions and theatrical forms, resulting in ‘a remarkable unity in style and atmosphere’ (NRC Handelsblad).

Arnoud has worked with acclaimed producers like De Nederlandse Opera, Holland Festival, November Music festival etc. His works have been performed in over a dozen countries. He has worked with artists like Hal Hartley, Gary Hill and for his 2015 Holland Festival opera with Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei.

Arnoud has been a guest teacher at the Rietveld academy, Aldeburgh Music Centre, Maastricht Theatre School, Amsterdam conservatory, Amsterdam theatre school, and the Xiamen university.


Luc den Bakker


"As an amateur violinist I developed, already from a young age, a passion for classical music, a passion that further intensified through my participation in youth and student orchestras. During my musicology studies, the emphasis of my interest has shifted more and more towards new classical music. The subjects of both my bachelor's and master's theses were 20th-century compositions, and since my graduation I work for the contemporary music ensemble INSOMNIO. I'm very interested in what the possibilities are that the harpsichord offers and how the new generation of composers and harpsichordists discover and implement these possibilities."

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