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This clavecytherium is a highly appreciated gift from Theo de Haas.

Annelie de Man passed away on September 29th, 2010.


This foundation was created to continue her on-going initiative of bringing contemporary harpsichord music to the attention of a wider audience. The board of the foundation wishes to realise this goal by:

  • collaborating with artists and performers from different disciplines to generate new bodies of work

  • stimulating artists and performers to be informed about and perform the existing repertoire

  • organising a biannual competition for artists and performers: The Prix Annelie de Man

  • providing a studio in Amsterdam with a harpsichord and other facilities for artists and performers

  The Foundation  provides:

  • a website with relevant information and links

  • a collection of recordings and scores for auditioning and perusal

  • a studio with double manual harpsichord and  music stands

  • electronic equipment – recording – reproduction of electronic arts

  • the opportunity of an overnight stay

  • a Bentside spineta

  • Available scores at the Studio Annelie de Man in Amsterdam

Foundation Annelie de Man

The Bleeker harpsichord from Annelie de Man

Bentside spineta

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