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Winners Prix Annelie de Man 2018


- 1st Prize composers competition

Aart Strootman: Anachronism 1 (2017) for 4 harpsichords
Published by Deuss Music

- 2nd Prize composers competition:
Margareta Ferek-Petric: IŠTARATU (2016) for harpsichord

- Audience Prize: 
 Margareta Ferek-Petric: IŠTARATU (2016) for harpsichord



- 1st Prize Harpsichord competition
Victoria Lerche

- 2nd Prize Harpsichord competition: 
Franjo Bilic  

- DONEMUS prize for the best interpretation of a

Dutch composition: Magdalena Jones 


- 1st Prize: Fred Momotenko Danco Konsonanco (2017)

- Honorary Mention: Cinzia Nistico Obscure alternatives (2017)

Finalists harpsichordists competition 2018:

Franjo Bilic 
Magdalena Jones 
Victoria Lerche 
Katya Iikhina 
Joanna Morawska 
Natalia Olczak 


(Behind L-R): Margareta Ferek-Petric, Franjo Bilic, Fred Momotenko

(Front L-R): Victoria Lerche, Aart Strootman, Cinzia Nistico.

Photo by Co Broerse


Opening Concert: 22 May 2018, 20.15 hrs

Elliott Carter (1908-2012): Double Concerto for  harpsichord, piano and 2 chamber orchestras (1959-61)

Wesley Shen | harpsichord

Paolo Gorini | piano

Jos Zwaanenburg | conductor

Conservatorium van Amsterdam ensemble


Fabien Cali (1983): Crossroads (2018)

Laure Morabito | harpsichord

Fabien Cali | electric guitar


Louis Andriessen (1939): Workers Union (1975)

Harpsichordists | Wesley Shen | Gosia Klajn | Machiko Suto | Silvia Marquez | Ere Lievonen | Justine Charlet

Jorge Isaac | blockflute; Matthijs Koene | panflute; Esra Pehlivanli | viola; Marko Kassl | accordion; Enric Monfort | percussion;

Jan Hage | organ; Conservatorium van Amsterdam ensemble; Jos Zwaanenburg | conductor

Evening Concert - Xenakis: 23 May 2018, 20.15 hrs

Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001): Naama (for harpsichord solo, 1984)

Kristian Nyquist | harpsichord


Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001): Gmeeoorh (for organ, 1974)

Jan Hage | organ


J. S. Bach (1685-1750): Die Kunst der Fuge, BWV 1080, Contrapunctus XIV (finished by R. de Man 2017)

Jorge Isaac | blockflute, Matthijs Koene | panflute, Esra Pehlivanli | viola, Marko Kassl | accordion

Announcement Finalists harpsichord competition

Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001): Rebonds B (for percussion, 1987-1989)

Enric Monfort | percussion

Late Night Special: 23 May 2018, 22.00 hrs

Roderik de Man (1941): Distant Mirror (1996) for harpsichord and delays

Silvia Marquez | harpsichord, Justine Charlet (winner of the Prix Annelie de Man 2012) | harpsichord

'Unboxing XVII’

A videoclip by Joaquín Clares on Roberto Sierra’s Montuno (2018)


Olli Moilanen (1987): Trio+1 (2017)

Ensemble Ugly Pug (recorder, viola da gamba, harpsichord, live electronics and video) 


Jami Kianto (1991)

The Playthrough (2017)

Ensemble Ugly Pug (recorder, viola da gamba, harpsichord and live electronics) 


Arnoud Noordegraaf (1974): Pong (2004)

Gosia Klajn (winner of the Prix Annelie de Man 2015) | harpsichord

Evening Concert: Composers Competition Finals and Black Pencil Sit Fast programme

24th May 2018, 20.15 hrs

Pablo Peula (1990): Through the looking-Glass (2013)

Jane Chapman | Harpsichord

Brechtje (1993): Marble Grit (2017)

Ere Lievonen | Harpsichord, Ensemble Black Pencil

Bernhard Klapprott (1964): B-A-C-H Perpetuum Mobile (2016)

Bernhard Klapprott | Harpsichord, Eszter Szedmák | Harpsichord

Aart Strootman (1987): Anachronism 1 (2017)

Silvia Marquez | Harpsichord, Ere Lievonen | Harpsichord, Machiko Suto | Harpsichord, Jane Chapman | Harpsichord

Ailís Ní Ríain: 2 steep 4 sheep (some hills are...) (2006)

Silvia Marquez | Harpsichord

Leo Grant (1982): Now distortions (2016)

Silvia Marquez | Harpsichord

Margareta Ferek-Petric (1982): IŠTARATU (2016)

Maja Mijatovic | Harpsichord

Black Pencil, Sit Fast programme

(all early music works from the Royal Manuscript RM 24 d 2, 1581-1606)

John Baldwine (?-1615): Browninge

Christopher Tye (c1505 - c1572): Sit Fast (arranged by Roderik de Man, 2018)

John Baldwine (?-1615): Coockow

John Baldwine (?-1615): Sermone Blando, Angelus

Lunch Concert - Black Pencil Prize

25 May 2015, 14.30 hrs

Piotr Beciński (1994): APOTHEOSIS (2017)


Cinzia Nistico: Obscure alternatives (2017)


Brechtje (1993): Marble Grit (2017)

Otto Wanke (1989): Aer (2017)


Alfred Momotenko (1970): Danco Konsonanco (2017)

Ensemble Black Pencil

Jorge Isaac | blockflute, Matthijs Koene | panflute, Esra Pehlivanli | viola, Marko Kassl | accordion, Enric Monfort | percussion

Ere Lievonen | harpsichord (special guest)

Jury Concert

25 May 2015, 20.15 hrs

Documentary: Annelie de Man Harpsichordist

A film by Andras Hamelberg (2015)


Leo Loebenberg (1976): Facing the flow (2017)

Jane Chapman | harpsichord + electronics



Guus Janssen | harpsichord & organ


Peter Jakober (1977): dringen (2018)

Maja Mijatovic | harpsichord & electronics


Roderik de Man (1941): Elongated Fingers (2017)

Menno van Delft | clavichord


Terri Hron (1977): Celeste forma, anzi lucente stella (2015)

Ere Lievonen | harpsichord, Anne Veinberg | piano

Closing Concert & Winners Announcement

26 May 2018, 20.15 hrs

Utku Asuroglu (1986): Hayirli Olsun (2012)

Ere Lievonen | harpsichord, Enric Monfort | percussion, Ignas Filonovas |  trombone, Anne Veinberg | piano,

Jos Zwaanenburg | conductor


Eetu Lehtonen (1989): Wormhole (2017)

Ensemble Ugly Pug + live electronics


Ko Sahara (1989): Mask (2016)

Machiko Suto | harpsichord, Yi-Chang Liang | recorder


Roberto Sierra (1953): Montuno en forma de chacona (2017)

Silvia Marquez | harpsichord

Hannes Dufek (1984): arresting images (2014/2017)

Hannes Dufek | electronics, Maja Mijatovic | harpsichord, Ere Lievonen | harpsichord, Silvia Marquez | harpsichord, Machiko Suto | harpsichord



the winner of the Harpsichord Competition performs again


Roderik de Man (1941): La Volta XL  (2016, rev. 2018)

Jorge Isaac | blockflute, Matthijs Koene | panflute, Esra Pehlivanli | viola, Marko Kassl | accordion, Enric Monfort | percussion

Ere Lievonen | harpsichord, Laurens de Man | organ

all other harpsichords at the end

Interior 123

Virtual Reality installation, Foyer Orgelpark

Everyday for 1 hour before and after each evening concert.

Music: Florian Magnus Maier | Virtual Reality images: Marcel Wierckx

Concept: Jorge Isaac | Performed by Black Pencil


The quest for brutal expression in the work of Spanish-Catalan surrealist master Joan Miró (1893-1983) can be compared to the effect one aims to create with Virtual Reality: power, total immersion, clarity, impact. Miró visited the Netherlands in 1928, and in awe of the old masters, especially Vermeer, decided to re-paint his own idiosyncratic, abstract versions of three works originally painted by Jan Steen and Hendrik Martenszoon Sorgh. He called them Dutch Interiors.


These three ‘Dutch Interior’ paintings form the theme of this production: a Virtual Reality production lasting six minutes, running on a continuous loop. The visuals are presented in 360-degrees, in three virtual spaces. Each space corresponds to different rooms recorded in the Amsterdam Rembrandt’s house.

Team Prix Annelie de Man 2018

Artistic Directors and Festival Programme
Jorge Isaac, Roderik de Man

Artistic Advisors
Jane Chapman, Justine Charlet, Goska Isphording, Gosia Klajn, Ere Lievonen, Maja Mijatovic, Laure Morabito, Kristian Nyquist, Machiko Suto

Jasper Berben, Francesca Clements

Jacqueline Oskamp, Francesca Clements, Anthony Dunstan

Master of ceremony
Anthony Dunstan   


Violette Baudet

Live Electronics and Sound Engineer

Clare Gallagher  


Special thanks to the Orgelpark, Johan Luijmes and Sonja Duimel for their support of the Prix Annelie de Man 2018.

Editions of the Prix Annelie de Man

For information about the other editions, please visit: 

Sponsors 2018 Edition

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