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Winners Prix Annelie de Man 2015



- 1st prize Harpsichord competition
EUR. 2.500: Gosia Klajn (1993), Poland

- 2nd prize Harpsichord competition: 
EUR. 1.000: Mamiko Someda (1985, Japan)

- DONEMUS prize for the best interpretation of a Dutch composition: EUR. 250 to expend in their webshop Machiko Suto (1987, Japan)

- DONEMUS prize for the best interpretation of a Dutch composition: EUR. 250 to expend in their webshop Edyta Lajdorf (1993, Poland)


- 1st Prize composers competition: EUR. 2.500 
Gianni Bozzola (Italy, 1981): 'Cherem de Spinoza' (2015), for Harpsichord, Flute, Percussion, Clarinet and Harmonium

- 2nd Prize composers competition:
EUR. 1.000 Jay Afrisando (Indonesia, 1989): 'Water Siter' (2015), for two Harpsichords and Erard Piano
Published by Donemus

- Audience Prize: 
EUR. 300 Chris Roe (England, 1988): Wired (2014) for Harpsichord, Oboe, Double bass and Percussion

- Honorary Mention to Panos Iliopoulos (Greece, 1984) for his work KHAON (2015) for Harpsichord, Celesta, Harmonium and Live Electronics



Opening Concert: Ligeti

26th May 2015, 20:15

Opening Speech – Armeno Alberts

Premiere of new documentary: ‘Annelie de Man Harpsichordist’

A film by Andras Hamelberg


György Ligeti (1923 – 2006): Continuum, Passacaglia unghereses, Hungarian Rock

Performed by Olga Paschenko


György Ligeti (1923 – 2006): Ricercare (Omaggio a Girolamo Frescobaldi) (1953)

Studies for organ: I. Harmonies (1967), II. Coulée (1969)
Volumina (1961–62/1966)

Performed by Ere Lievonen

Evening Concert: CD Presentations

27th May 2015, 20:15

CD Presentation by Roderik de Man 

Roderik de Man (1941): 4 songs on poems by Wislawa Szymborska (2015)

Goska Isphording – Harpsichord, Fanny Alofs – Mezzo Soprano

This Composition was supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.


CD Presentation British Harpsichord Society: 21st Century music for Harpsichord, Pamela Nash


Junghae Lee  (1964): Improvisations sur les Ondes Chromatiques (2012)

Jane Lau Jing Yu – Harpsichord


Mauricio Kagel (1931 – 2008): Recitativarie (1972)

Lisa Kokwenda-Schweiger - Harpsichord


Roderik de Man  (1941*): Frenzy (1985)

Silvia Marquez – Harpsichord


Announcement of 3 Finalists of Harsichord Competition


Kaja Saariaho (1952*): Gates (1991)

Ensemble 306: Goska Isphording – Harpsichord, marieke Franssen- Flute, Stephan Heber – Cello.

Late Night Special Concert: HPSCHD, John Cage

27th May 2015, 21:30


John Cage (1912 – 1992): HPSCHD (1969)  

Jos Zwaanenburg - Artistic Director & Live Electronics

Durdica Zaric - harpsichord (Solo I)

Lisa Kokwenda Schweiger - harpsichord (Solo II)

Anne Veinberg - harpsichord (Solo III)

Silvia Marquez - harpsichord (Solo IV)

Ere Lievonen - harpsichord (Solo V)

Justine Charlet - harpsichord (Solo VI)

Andrea Friggi - harpsichord (Solo VII)


Marcel Wierckx - Live video

Clare Gallagher - Sound Engineer

Tom Raaff & Ralph Mantje - Assitant technician

Space images courtesy ESA/Hubble

Evening Concert: Composers Competition Finals

28th May 2015, 20:15

Chris Roe (1988*): Wired (2014)

Riot ensemble: Philip Haworth – Oboe, James Leveridge – Percussion, Benjamin Wolstenholme – Double Bass, Goska Isphording – Harpsichord, Aaron Holloway-Nahum – Conductor. 

Karlheinz Essl (1960*):  VIRIBVS VNITIS (2014) 

Goska Isphording – Harpsichord, Anne Veinberg – Toy Piano

Jay Afrisando (1989*): Water Siter (2015) 

Ere Lievonen – Harpsichord, Arend Grosfeld– Harpsichord, Anne Veinburg –  Piano

Gianni Bozzola (1981*): Cherem de Spinoza (2015)

Goska Isphording – Harpsichord, Marieke Franssen – Flute, Pepe García – Percussion, Fie Schouten – Clarinet, Ere Lievonen – Harmonium, Gregory Charette - Conductor

Sylvie Lacroix (1959*): Les poétesses courante (2013)

Maja Mijatovic - Harpsichord

Panos Iliopoulos (1984*): KHAON (2015)

Panos Iliapoulos – Harpsichord, Cellesta, harmonium & live electronics, Gunnar Gunnsteunsson – Sound Technician

Whilst the jury deliberates there will be a performance by Ere Lievonen. This composition is not part of the competition. After the concert has finished the Winner of the Composers Competition will be announced. 

Tristan Perich (1982*): Dual Synthesis (2009)

Ere Lievonen – Harpsichord, with Electronics

Conservatory of Amsterdam Student Concert

29th May 2015, 17:00 


Ewa Trebacz (unknown): Chordochromies (2003)

Part I & III

Alexandra de Vera Cárdenes -  harpsichord


Marcel Chyrzyński (1971*):  Beelden (2006)

Tsuyoshi   Uwaha  - harpsichord, Sophia Schambeck - Recorder


Jacob ter Veldhuis (1951*): Storm (1995)

Andre Andrade de Sousa Lourenço – harpsichord

Karlheinz Essl (1960*): Sequitur XII (2009)

Lisa Kokwenda- Schweiger – harpsichord, Jacob Vanneste - electronics assistant


Kaja Saariaho (1952*): Jardin Secret II  (1984-86)

Yana Borisova  - harpsichord

Jury Concert

29th May 2015, 20:15


Jean-Henry d'Anglebert (1629-1691): Prelude


Susumu Yoshida (1947): NEHANRAKU (Nirvâna) (2015)

Commissioned by Clavecin en France. First performance at the annual meeting of the harpsichord society in March 2015.

Aline Zylberajch – harpsichord


Francesco Filidei – organ

Improvisations in tempo and ex tempore

Guus Janssen – harpsichord


Ton Bruynèl (1934-1998): Chatarra (Schrootsonate, 1990) 

Goska Isphording – harpsichord, Electronics (sound tracks)

Menno van Delft: Sleepy Time  (May, 2015)


Menno van Delft – harpsichord


Artjom Kim (1976*): Ostinato 2 (2007)

Matthijs Koene – panflute, Stefan Gerritsen - guitar

Closing Concert & Winners Announcement

29th May 2015, 20:15


André Boucourechliev (1925-1997): Anarchipel (Op.11) (1970)  

Goska Isphording – harpsichord, Anne Veinberg – piano, Miriam Overlach – harp, Hayo Boerema – organ, Enric Monfort – percussion, Pepe Garcia  - percussion, Jos Zwaanenburg – rehearsal leader


Duri Collenberg (1985): hinüberglücklich (2014) 

Ensemble Conservatorium van Amsterdam - Flute 1 - Heili Rosin, Flute 2 - Liese Claesen, Alto Flute - Alexandre Tkaboca, Keys/Hammond - Andre Lourenço, Trumpet - Allison Philips, Vl. 1 Maren Bosma, Vl. 2 – Anna Čikste, Vla.- Maxwell Aleman,  Vc.- Bianca Bongers.

Harpsichord - Reinhard Siegert, Jos Zwaanenburg - conductor


Announcement of Winner of harpsichord competition:

Performance from Winner or runner-up of Composition Competition

Performance from Winner of Harpsichord Competition


Roderik de Man (1941*): Fuerza Interior (2011, arr. 2015)

BLACK PENCIL Ensemble: Jorge Isaac – blockflute, Matthijs Koene – panflute, Esra Pehlivanli – viola, Enric Monfort – percussion, Hayo Boerema - organ (special guest), Ere Lievonen - harpsichord (special guest)

all harpsichordists in the end

Team Prix Annelie de Man 2015

Festival Director
Jorge Isaac

Festival Programme

Goska Isphording

Artistic Advisors

Roderik de Man, Piet Hein van de Pool


Francesca Clements, Gosia Jankowska-Vissers


Judith van Doorn, Francesca Clements

Master of ceremony
Armeno Alberts   


Website and graphic design
Violette Baudet

Sound Engineer

Clare Gallagher  


Special thanks to the Orgelpark, Johan Luijmes and Sonja Duimel for their marvellous support of the Prix Annelie de Man 2015.

Editions of the Prix Annelie de Man

For information about the other editions, please visit: 


Jury competition for composers from left to right: Guus Janssen, Francesco Filidei, Goska Isphording, Roderik de Man, Jorge Isaac (chairman)

Sponsors 2015 Edition

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