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Annelie de Man


This page is dedicated to my wife Annelie de Man, who passed away on September 29th 2010. We were happy together for more than 50 years, married for 43 years, and our relationship was artistically also most inspiring. I composed several pieces for her, with and without electronics, and she performed them brilliantly all over the world. Annelie understood what composing was about and many composers found collaborating with her about a new piece very stimulating. She was a dedicated performer and I know her excellent recordings will continue to be an inspiration to all who are interested in contemporary harpsichord music. Below is a list of the pieces I wrote for her.

Roderik de Man


Works for Annelie de Man written by Roderik de Man

Frenzy” for solo harpsichord 1985 

What’s in a name?” for solo harpsichord 1985

Chordis Canam” for harpsichord and tape 1989 

Three Minutes” for solo harpsichord 1991 - I

Three Minutes” for solo harpsichord 1991 - II

Three Minutes” for solo harpsichord 1991 - III

Momentum” for Bass clarinet, harpsichord and tape 1991

Distant Mirror”  for harpsichord and dig.fx processor  1996

Dirge” for Tuba, harpsichord and cd 1997

Sonneries” (pour Annelie), for violin, violoncello and harpsichord 2007

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