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Kristian Nyquist

Having been vitally interested in contemporary music already as a teenager (and composing himself, as well), Kristian naturally was eager to explore and perform the modern harpsichord repertoire after he had fallen in love with this instrument at the age of sixteen. This has lead to many world and national premieres, one of the highlights being the first Pan-American performance of Cristobal Halffter’s  „Tiempo para espacios“ in the Opera of Manaus, Brazil in 2015). Composer personalities as Violeta Dinescu, John Palmer, Braxton Blake, Peter Heeren have written pieces for him, John Patrick Thomas, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, Roderik de Man, Sidney Corbett, Wolfgang Rihm, Hans Werner Henze i.a. are to be named for close collaboration and artistic exchange.


Kristian teaches a M.A. program „Contemporary Harpsichord“ at the Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe, besides passing on his experience at workshops and master-classes

worldwide. His numerous recordings include an album „harpsichord avantgarde“ and the Goldberg Variations, in 2013 he was awarded an „ECHOKlassik“-prize for a recording of chamber music by Devienne. 

Born in Los Angeles, Kristian grew up in Mannheim. His principal teachers Christine Daxelhofer, Huguette Dreyfus and alongside C. Tilney, B. van Asperen and G. Leonhardt as well as awards and prizes at at competitions in Paris and Prague shaped and developed his professional career.

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