04 April

Harpsichord competition - Finals

Saturday 04 April 2020, 10:00 – 12:45 hrs

The exact schedule of the final round will be announced during the festival after the semifinals (02 April).

Evening Concert: Jury and former winners concert

Saturday 04 April 2020, 20:15 hrs

€ 17,50/10

Roderik de Man (1941): Wait a minute (2000) For TAPE. Visuals by Annelie de Man

Ton Bruynèl (1934-1998): Schrootsonate (1990)

Gosia Klajn (harpsichord, winner edition 2015) and electronics

Guus Janssen (1951): improvisation

Guus Janssen (harpsichord and organ) 


Roman Haubenstock-Ramati: Catch 1 (1968) 

Justine Charlet (harpsichord), Laure Morabito (harpsichord) and video


Roderik de Man (1941): Tangente (2011)

Duo MARESEsra Pehlivanli (viola), Marko Kassl (accordion)

Martijn Padding (1956): Baldwine closeups (2018) *

Ensemble Black PencilJorge Isaac (blockflute), Matthijs Koene (panflute),

Esra Pehlivanli (viola), Marko Kassl (accordion), Enric Monfort (percussion)

Aart Strootman (1987): Anachronism #1 (2018)

Winner of the composition prize Prix Annelie de Man 2018
Jane Chapman (harpsichord), Ere Lievonen (harpsichord), Kristian Nyquist (harpsichord), Silvia Marquez (harpsichord)

Video trailer CD-project Maja Mijatovic: to catch a running poet ​(2019)

Peter Jakober: Iedent (2020)

Silvia Marquez (harpsichord), Maja Mijatovic (harpsichord) and electronics

* Commissioned by the Performing Arts Fund NL

​** World premiere

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